HI! I'm Luke, and I'm thrilled that you're interested in my book The Truth About HTML5. The second edition is out now, and you can grab a print copy at Amazon or the ebook or print copy from Apress. Thanks so much :)
Luke Stevens

This is a book for web designers, web developers, and front-end coders who want to get up to speed with the why and why not of HTML5.

This is the book that isn’t afraid to point out what everyone gets wrong about HTML5’s new markup, so you don’t make the same mistakes.

This is the book that will show you what rocks in HTML5 today and what the future holds for interactivity and video now Flash is dying.

This is the book that doesn’t think marking up a basic web page should be a quasi-religious exercise where the high priests of HTML5 must be consulted for their interpretation of the holy texts (the HTML5 spec).

This is the book that doesn’t pull its punches.

This is the book for web professionals who think for themselves.

This is the book that tells the truth about HTML5.

“If Quentin Tarantino directed a book about HTML5, this would be that book.”

Phil Sherry

“The Truth About HTML5 has significantly changed my approach to coding HTML5 (I also wasted hours on some of the games!)”

Simon Cox

“I think The Truth About HTML5 is a landmark publication in our evolution towards [becoming] a sophisticated group of practitioners.”

John Allsopp

“Chapters 3 & 4 of The Truth About HTML5 are must reads for anyone using the new "structural" elements of HTML5.”

Roger Johansson